Our tradition

Flag Suites, a name with a meaning for us, a name to create memories for you, enjoy an amazing island, take with you nice moments inside your heart. We are a family business and we like to keep our profile pointed to the Greek hospitality, exactly the way is famous for. You are not simply visitors for us, you are guests and we want to provide the best effort to make your life easier and your vacation more enjoyable.

Know about us

Our complex consists of 2 luxury suites and a luxury spacious apartment. We are located 300m away from the centre of the picturesque traditional fish village, Apollonia, or Polonia as the locals name it. Our suites combine modern and traditional architecture, to respect the local tradition and at the same time protect the environment by using contemporary methods of architecture. White and blue are the most dominant colours, in a smooth combination of a minimalistic and comfortable decoration. Our goal is to provide you the absolute environment, comfort, and the long-standing value of Greek hospitality, so you can experience an unforgettable vacation.